Frequently Asked Questions

What is AirDropper?

AirDropper lets Dropbox users send a request for files to anyone, even if the person doesn't have a Dropbox account. The person you're requesting the files from just needs an email address or some other means for you to send them the secure upload link we provide.

How does AirDropper work?

First you connect AirDropper to your Dropbox account. Then you fill out our request form with a description of the files you want and provide a list of emails to request those files from. Once the person you're requesting the files from visits our secure page and uploads the files, we immediately put the files in a subfolder called "AirDropper" within your Dropbox. Simple for everybody!

Does AirDropper support uploading multiple files in a single request?

Yes! The person you're requesting files from can easily upload mutiple files from the upload page.

Are there any size limits to the files uploaded through AirDropper?

We're still testing the size limits for files during the beta. We aren't imposing any formal limits right now, but we've successfully transferred files of about 75MB. We're working on reliably supporting uploads up to 100MB. Feel free to try some big files and let us know how it goes.

Why use AirDropper?

AirDropper has several benefits over other ways to transfer files. Most importantly, AirDropper makes the process very easy for the person sending the files. The sender just has to visit the secure link we provide and upload the files. Any files sent through AirDropper are secure from the sender's computer to your Dropbox. We also handle files that are too big to send as email attachments. Plus you get all the benefits of using Dropbox for files you receive, including automatic syncing and backups.

Who is AirDropper for?

AirDropper is best suited for professionals who need to make sending files securely easy for the sender, including designers, lawyers, accountants, or consultants.

Is AirDropper secure?

In a word: yes. In more words: Still yes. AirDropper uses industry standard SSL encryption at each stage of a request, both while you're making a request and while the file travels from the sender's computer to your Dropbox. We do not store any files sent through AirDropper.

What happens when I connect AirDropper to my Dropbox account?

When you connect AirDropper to your Dropbox account, Dropbox automatically creates an AirDropper subfolder in your Dropbox. We do not get access to your entire Dropbox account, just the AirDropper folder. You can disconnect AirDropper from your Dropbox account at any time by visiting

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